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賽特龍香港有限公司是日本Sightron Japan Inc的子公司,於2015年3月在香港開業。Sightron Japan由1961年起以東京為據點,開始製造及銷售雙筒望遠鏡、天文望遠鏡等光學製品。如今在日本、中國、菲律賓等國擁有工廠,因應不同用途的使用,所生產的產品範圍也相應擴大。隨著各國政府機關採用本公司的產品,品質信譽和品牌地位也逐漸確立。


賽特龍香港有限公司除了銷售自身品牌的雙筒望遠鏡、相機配件、閃光燈等產品,還代理了全球最大的天文望遠鏡品牌的美國CELESTRON以及德國的Walther品牌的產品。該公司會應因天文觀測及攝影、觀鳥等戶外活動而推出相關產品。 還在旺角辦公室有相關產品的展示販賣,請蒞臨指教。

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Sightron Hong Kong Ltd is a subsidiary of Sightron Japan Inc., and was established in Hong Kong in March 2015. Sightron Japan was founded in Tokyo in 1961, and specialises in the production and sale of optical products, such as binoculars and astronomical telescopes. Today, Sightron has several factories in Japan, China and the Philippines, enabling the company to expand its product range. It has established an excellent reputation for quality and Sightron products are used by government organisations in numerous countries.


In addition to selling Sightron binoculars, camera accessories and flashes, Sightron also sells products from the world’s largest manufacturers of astronomical telescopes: the US firm Celestron, and the German firm Walther.

It is constantly releasing new products to coincide with astronomy, photography and birdwatching events. We sale and display some products in Mongkok office.









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